●仰角定位におけるspectral cue

Kazuhiro Iida, Motokuni Itoh, Atsue Itagaki, and Masayuki Morimoto, “Median plane localization using parametric model of the head-related transfer function based on spectral cues,” Applied Acoustics, 68, 835-850(2007)

 1960年代のHRTFの発見以来,未解明のまま残されてきた仰角定位におけるspectral cueを約40年ぶりに発見.それらは,3-4kHz付近のspectral peak (P1),5-10kHzおよび7-15kHzにそれぞれ分布するspectral notch (N1, N2)である.

Abstract: To examine a simulation method for vertical sound localization, and to clarify which peaks and notches in head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) play a role as spectral cues, localization tests in the median plane were carried out using a parametric HRTF model, which is recomposed only of extracted spectral peaks and notches. The results show that the parametric HRTF recomposed using the first and second notches (N1 and N2) and the first peak (P1) provides almost the same localization accuracy as the measured HRTFs. Observations of the spectral peaks and notches indicate that N1 and N2 change remarkably as the source elevation changes, whereas P1 does not depend on the source elevation. In conclusion, N1 and N2 can be regarded as spectral cues, and the hearing system could utilize P1 as the reference information to analyze N1 and N2.

Fig.1 Distribution of Amplitude of P1, N1, and N2 in the median plane

Fig.2 Responses to the measured HRTF and Parametric HRTFs
for seven target elevations in the median plane.

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